Story Cubes

Inspired by Rory’s Story Cubes and a desire to check for student understanding in a variety of ways, I created my own #healthed story cubes.

9 cubes, 6 sides on each cube meant I had to identify 54 words to represent on the cubes. I chose verbs, emotions, topics and ‘other’ icons. Icons were chosen to represent words such as:

Comprehend, promote, prevent, analyze, demonstrate, access, communicate, enhance, avoid, reduce, practice, happy, sad, confused, gender, relationships, bullying, online, advocacy, goals, mental health, social health, emotional health, physical health, nutrition, hydration, sleep, muscles, reproductive health, media.

I printed out a template and pasted the icons on to the template. The template can be found at You can print these out, or switch out the icons if you wish. After careful cutting, scoring and glueing you will have 9 cardboard cubes.

You can now use these in a variety of ways in class.

1: Roll all 9 cubes. Choose an image to start your story/narrative and then continue, linking each of the 9 face up images.

2: Think of a health theme or topic. Roll the 9 cubes and try to weave them into the chosen title or theme.

3: Divide the cubes between a group of students. First player rolls the cube to start the story/narrative. The next player in the group rolls their cube and builds upon the story. You can stop after 9 rolls, or keep the rotation going if the students can confidently continue with the activity.

Why not get students to suggest other icons, or create their own cube as an extension activity?


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