3 Wishes

3 Wishes Activity

There is an old saying that, “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” This activity was inspired from Deb Tachman years ago at a conference and I have modified it somewhat.  It can be used at the start of a school year, semester, or particular unit.  Students will recognize how good or poor health can impact their future goals.  This activity is intended to make students think about how much they prioritize their own health and get them to reflect on what is most important in their lives.  Often times people do not think about their health until something bad happens.  We all know that healthier students are more likely to succeed in all facets of their life.

Time: 10-20 minutes

Each student will need to write on a piece of paper or you could have them use an app they can write with on their mobile device (like Pages or PDF Expert to name a couple).

You might decide to use some type of stick to serve as a “magic wand” or pretend you are a genie in a bottle and cast students wishes.

  • Using your “magic wand” explain to students that you are able to grant each of them three wishes, but they must decide in 60 seconds or else their wish will not come true. Tell them they cannot wish for more wishes.
  • Students must write down their three wishes (and you could have them state why, but you might need to give them a bit more time).
  • Have students share their wishes with a few other students and then go around the room and ask students what they wished for.  List their wishes on the board.
  • This is where I would play “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts 
  • After you have recorded the responses, ask students to imagine a scenario where they were diagnosed with a terminal illness and that they only had a month to live.
  • Ask students if they would change any of their wishes given this situation and allow them the chance to do so. You will find that not many students wish for good health, rather, you will see wishes involving money, cars or changes to physical appearance.
  • Help students understand the importance of good health. Encourage them to think about how their lifestyle decisions can influence their overall wellness and happiness.

Check out “What Teens Want: If Given 3 Wishes” for more discussion ideas.

This activity addresses National Health Standards 4, 5, 7


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