Lists of Lists

Towards the end of 2014 a few people that I follow posted some great lists that you might have missed – so here’s my list of recent lists.


This year I participated more frequently in a variety of different twitter chats. Scheduled regularly these chats are a great way to engage with like minded individuals on a wealth of topics. My favorite chat of late comes courtesy of @jabellpepper and  the moderator of #ibookchat where educators discuss the ways in which they have used iBook Author in their classes. For detailed information about pretty much ALL twitter chats check out this outstanding document from @jrochelle.


Of the #physed educators that I started following this year, one of the most cerebral is @Imsporticus. His blog is worth following for its focus on education and PE. He recently posted a list of lists and you can find it here. In it he shares the best blog posts of 2014, written by himself and others, his list of blogs worth following, books he read last year, plus more.


If you are looking for a list of the best #physed podcast to check out and follow then look no further than this blog post here. You can follow them all on iTunes and have the latest podcast sent straight to your device. Perfect if you have a long commute like I do!


One of the best lists of the year came from The Echo Chamber. In this list of over 1000 education blogs you can find outstanding bloggers from all areas of education. What I like about lists such as this is that if you find yourself with 10 minutes spare at your desk, why not grab a coffee and explore a blog that catches your eye. Free professional development!


This year I tried to refine the number of people that I follow on Twitter and yet my list is still over 800 – but I can justify all of them being on the list. The outstanding @teachertoolkit put together this list of 101 great teachers to follow on twitter. Admittedly this list, like some of the other above has a british slant to it, but that’s not to say that these educators don’t have something to say that is valid wherever you teach. As I’m sure I said in my last job interview, kids around the world might be different, but they still demand and deserve outstanding teachers. And you’ll find plenty of those on this list.


If you coach, and I know so many of us do, you’ll be interested in this! One day after originally posting this blog entry, the awesome @jattaylor compiled this list of The Best Coaching Resources of 2014. It’s got pedagogy, leadership & culture, sports psychology and talent development. Jamie is well worth following on twitter.


Looking for apps to use with your classes? Jarrod Robinson, ‘The Godfather’ of all things PE & geeky has this ebook of over 100 apps recommended for PE teachers, and he regularly adds more apps to his blog posts. His blog AND podcasts are great resources for PE teachers.

What have I missed? Was there a list that deserved to be added to this post? Let me know and I’ll add it. Here’s to a great 2015 to you and those that you educate.


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