#Physed Podcasts

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a commute to work that is over an hour and podcasts keep me entertained and provide me with easy, free professional development at the same time.

There are now some great podcasts out there that specifically deal with physical education and so I thought I would put them all together on one page, and I’ll look to add to this list as and when new podcasts are created.

Australia’s Jarrod Robinson, the PE Geek, is to PE & Technology as James Brown was to Soul Music. Both are the Godfathers of their genre. His PE Geek Podcast has been available for over 18 months and in that time has covered a wealth of innovative technology uses in PE, including apps that he has created himself.

Canada’s Joey Feith is another innovator in the field of PE & Technology. Newer on the scene but definitely influenced by Jarrod, Joey tweets and travels relentlessly sharing his innovative ideas across North America & Canada. His blog is a leader in our field and his The #Physed Podcast is a series of contemporary physical education conversations with the globe trotting Tasmanian Nathan Horne, founder of iphys-ed.com 

Like all good things, Dr. Ash Casey comes from England. He’s a researcher, lecturer and academic who has a talent for breaking down academic research into practical, everyday PE application. He’s the founder of PEPRN.com and the voice behind the (slightly more academic) PEPRN Podcast.

All of the innovative educators mentioned above can all be found in the same location on iTunes, and also presenting at The National PE Institute Conference in July 2015. Andy Vasily, no podcast, but creator of the excellent PYP PE with Andy blog will also present at that same conference.

Returning to the musical analogy from earlier, the New Kids On The Block when it comes to podcasts are the PHYSEDagogy team of      and  Their exciting new Physedagogy Podcast promises to discuss modern physical education practices and lesson ideas, including interviews with teachers with great ideas.

*Since my original blog @deandudley has got together with Nathan Horne, Andy Vasily, Joey Feith and Aaron Bieghle to create The Fundamental Movement. This all star line-up of educators promise to cut the BS and discuss pertinent #physed topics of the day.

Additionally @andyvasily has a solo podcast project with the Run Your Life Show which mixes physical education guests with those that share their experiences of surviving trauma.

Finally @LynnHefele has launched her own podcast. Her Phys. Ed Audio Blogs. This podcast is an audio recording of physical education blogs submitted to Lynn in advance. If you don’t have time to read blogs, this is a great introduction to the work of great teachers in our field.

While I too have been known to podcast my creations tend to be more specific to my classes than the teaching community in general. However, perhaps the podcasts listed above might inspire me (or you) to add to the list.

Check them out, leave them some feedback, perhaps even look to get involved with one of them – I know that they all welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the ever growing network of innovative #physed teachers out there!

Have I missed any podcasts from my list? Do you have a podcast that I need to know about? Leave a comment.


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