Parenting Options

If you are looking for a good activity to get students to critically think about parenting options, then this activity is worth a try.  Students work in small groups of about 3 or 4 and you present each group with five different facts (or clues) about a particular pregnancy situation.  After each clue is presented one by one, groups must come up with questions they want to know more about the the situation.  Each clue paints a clearer picture, but the fourth and fifth clues typically offer a “kicker” and cause students to examine their own beliefs and decision-making skills when it comes to unique pregnancy situations.  You can find all the details to this lesson here by clicking Parenting Options.  There is also a PowerPoint that goes with this lesson that you can use to present each scenario to the class.

We saw this activity presented by three wonderful teachers from Emporia State University at the American School Health Association (ASHA) national conference. We adapted the lesson slightly to fit the needs of our high school students.  If you are a health teacher, we strongly encourage you to attend next year’s conference in October in Orlando, FL.

Let us know how this goes in your class or if you have other suggestions for “tweeking” the lesson.


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