Dress Up Anatomy

Anatomy lectures can be rather boring.  This is one of my more memorable activities for students.  I literally try to dress up as the male and female reproductive systems respectively.  I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but it is another way to reinforce the anatomical parts and their functions in my class.  I typically stand on a chair and have a few students help in this task.  I tape index cards to the board of the key anatomical parts and also include some parts that both of them share (i.e. bladder, urethra).

During the male lesson, I start in the testicles with the sperm and travel throughout “his” anatomical structures.  For the female lesson, I start in the ovary with the egg and travel throughout “her” anatomical structures.  As the class talks me through it, they also help label the parts with the index cards (i.e. my arms represent the “fallopian tubes”).  At the conclusion of both male and female, I let students take a picture of me.  You could even have a student dress up too.  Here is a copy of the lesson and instructions from Deb Tachmann’s original lesson – Dress Up Anatomy Lesson.

At the conclusion of this activity I will have students play the game “Heads Up” with index cards of the anatomical parts.  In groups of about 5 or so, one student pulls a card from the stack and puts it on his/her forehead (not knowing what the word is).  The remaining students in the group try to give clues without saying the word.  It is a good activity because it is student led and it tests their knowledge without looking at their notes.

Finally, another thing I do other than lecture is perform and show the Anatomy Rap.  Check out the YouTube video!


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