The IAHPERD Podcast

I’ve been a fan of podcasts for a few years now. As a Brit living in America, the Stitcher App has allowed me to listen to podcasts from ‘back home’ on my hour long commute to work each day. In addition to sports and news I also listen to great educational podcasts from TED, NPR, and the BBC to name but a few.

I started making podcasts with my students, initially using them as a study guide at the end of a unit of work. I then played with other uses before eventually using them to showcase student work and then share that work with students from outside of that particular class.

At IAHPERD 2014 I presented my ‘Let’s Make A Podcast!’ session and was blown away by the interest AND the resulting podcast. For the first half of the session I talked about why I podcast, how I create them and how and where I share the podcasts (Soundcloud & the iBooks that I create for students being my two favorite ways).

The second half of the session was devoted to teachers answering questions about our profession. These questions were submitted to me by teachers following a request on Twitter asking for ideas.

Here’s the link that you’ll need to listen to the podcast. I’m very happy with the responses and how the podcast turned out. I think it is a good snapshot of the state of play among PE teachers in Illinois.

If you are one of the voices heard in the podcast – I am truly thankful! I’d love any feedback that you have for me, and if you get around to creating a podcast of your own please let me hear it!

*** I just learned how to add the SoundCloud player to this post, so here it is!***


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