Goal Setting Feedback

Regular readers of the blog will know that my students have been undergoing a comprehensive 9 week personal health behavior goal setting project. Having identified some area of their health that needed improving they developed a plan and implemented a strategy to achieve their goal.

In order to get their feedback I used a Kahoot Survey. If you haven’t discovered Kahoot yet, I urge you to check it out. The students love it!

Pleasingly, 80% of students reported that the project had made them a healthier individual. They may or may not have actually achieved their goal, but just the process of making an attempt will have positively impacted their lives in some way. Some feedback from students included:

“I have learned that if I want to change something in my life, I can if I put enough energy towards it. I really liked this project. It gave me a structured approach to becoming more healthy. I plan to use this style of goal setting in the future”. (W.J)

“I am more rested and have more energy during the day which benefits me in other aspects.” (P.J)

“I am healthier because even though i did not achieve my goal all the way through i now know how to make a goal so I can continue to do this in the future and become a healthier person through that.” (C.K)

Perhaps more surprisingly, 25% of students reported that their project had made someone else a healthier individual. It’s awesome to think that my students are making others healthier. This is something that I had hoped for, but never actively encouraged as part of the project and demonstrates the validity of the project even more.

I used infogr.am to create an info gram to show those results. The quotes are also from my students. You can find that info gram here.

The image that is associated with this post is also from a student. Students took a photograph that had to be identifiable as having been taken at school. They then added their favorite motivational quote on top of the image. A collection of these images will be displayed so that my students can motivate their peers.


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