Free Advice

In advance of a session that Andy Horne and I will be presenting at IAHPERD in November entitled “Spicin’ Up Your Sex Ed.” I thought I would collate a list of free resources that I have used in the past that provide me with health information that I can use in class. This list will be my recommended ‘free subscriptions’ and Twitter accounts worth following.

First up is the regular email subscription service from the CDC. They offer a wealth of subscriptions and you get to refine the choices based on your own needs. I like the scientific and specific nature of their emails, often providing the most up to date statistics on a number of issues.

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services offer a range of adolescent updates from this link. They also tweet as @teenhealthgov’s subscription offers daily health tips, important audio, videos, articles, blogs and more.

Our local sexual health clinic providing information regarding issues related to sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity is Angles. We have their staff come in to present to our health students and they also organize an outstanding LGBTQ Pride Panel that visits us for a day. Their monthly newsletter keeps me up to speed with their events, services and teen advocacy opportunities for my students.

The Wisconsin Safe & Healthy Schools Center provide a monthly newsletter that is crammed full with teen-specific resources. Thanks to the wonderful @PrideandjoyMary for recommending this source to me.

Howard Brown are LGBTQ advocates based in Chicago. They also release a monthly mailing with information about their services and events.

National Health Education Standard #3 states that students will demonstrate the ability to access valid information, products, and services to enhance health. Sharing the sources above will help your students achieve this standard. So too will sharing this list of Twitter accounts that tweet relevant health information:

Pregnancy & Reproduction Tweets

@HeyPP  @healthyteen  @Scarleteen  @healthfinder  @girlshealth

Anatomy & Reproduction Tweets

@cdc_cancer  @americancancer  @testicle_cancer  @SusanGKomen  @WomensCancer  @bcaware  @singlejingles  @TCAFinfo

Sexual Identity Tweets

@ICAH   @TrevorProject  @AdvocatesTweets  @scarleteen @TransEquality  @healthyteen   @TheAdvocateMag  @GLSEN   @StrongFams  @moveBEYONDit @brownboiproject  @hbhclifeline   @anglesclinic  @GLAAD  @ActuallyMetro  @CDC_HIVAIDS  @AIDSgov  @TeenHealthGov

STD’s & HIV Tweets

@CDC_HIVAIDS  @CDCSTD  @AIDSgov  @HeyPP  @PPFAQ  @healthyteen  @bedsider  @TeenHealthGov

If you can suggest other accounts to follow, or provide links for further email subscriptions, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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