Over the past few years I have increasingly relied upon technology to stay organized. All of my family calendars are now synchronized as my wife and I juggle teaching, coaching and family commitments and admittedly it has made life a little easier.

Recently however, I was made aware of the ability to set location specific alerts on my phone. As cool as I thought that sounded I couldn’t really see a reason for me to set one up, so I set one up anyway just to see what it looked like.

Following the easy to understand instructions here I set up an alert that would say “Have a great day” on my screen once I arrived in the school parking lot. As silly as it sounds, it’s actually put a smile on my face every time its happened. Sometimes the alert flashes up as I arrive in the morning, and sometimes it shows up as I leave the building. But as I’m usually preoccupied with school, or engrossed in a podcast on Stitcher I am always pleasantly surprised when I see the message.

Now, I’m sure the novelty will eventually wear off but I can see that setting up a “Be nice!” alert for when I’m at my parents-in-laws might be my next location specific reminder.


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