The STD Dice Game

This activity is originally from Deb Tachmann and has been modified somewhat.  Students will increase awareness of risk taking through a simulation activity, which demonstrates how easy it is to cause pregnancy or acquire a STD if one chooses to be sexually active and not use reliable forms of contraception.  It reinforces the abstinence message and gets students to think about the positive and negative effects that peer pressure can have on decision making.
You will need the following materials:  About 20-30 dice (or one for each student, you can always share), one small plastic cup/die to serve as a dice holder, a piece of scratch paper and pencil for students to record scores, candy or prizes (for the peer pressure part), about 20 envelopes, slips of paper labeled with the STDs you want to cover (feel free to have multiples for STDs that are more prevalent – i.e. HPV, Herpes, etc. – these slips of paper will be individually stuffed inside each envelope and will be passed out to students as their “STD diagnosis.”  Please view the following documents for more detailed information about the lesson and activity.

Here’s a link to an alternate STD transmission activity that can be done in class.

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